President-elect Donald Trump will take over as commander-in-chief in January. Political expert Charlie Harper said this presents a "unique opportunity" for Georgia politicians.

Many republican politicians in the state started supporting Trump early in his candidacy.

"There are a lot of folks who bought in on the Donald Trump trail early," Harper said.

Georgia politicians or politicians with ties to the state like Newt Gingrich could be poised to grab more power.

In May, state Supreme Court Justice Keith Blackwell was listed on Trump's list of possible contenders for the Supreme Court of the United States. Governor Deal appointed Blackwell to the state's high court in 2012.

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State senators and representatives who backed the president-elect are rumored to be on his radar for appointments.

Senator David Perdue chairs Trump's Georgia campaign leadership team has been a big supporter of Trump.

"He's being rumored to be possibly a cabinet position, commerce secretary, maybe higher. If he gets appointed to that, we all the sudden have a us senate seat open." Harper said.

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Purdue released a public statement after Trump claimed victory saying in part, "Now is the time to change the way Washington does business and finally focus on delivering real results."

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Georgia remained a red state on Election Day. More than 2 million Georgians voted for Donald Trump. Republican incumbent Senator Isakson won re-election with 55% of the vote and Georgia sent five Republicans to the U.S. House of Representatives out of it's seven seats.


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