Despite a relatively smooth Election Day overall, some problems did crop up in a limited number of precincts across metro Atlanta.

As the problems emerged, election crews were dispatched to fix the issues throughout the day.

11Alive's Jon Shirek spoke with Georgia Secretary of State Brian Kemp late Tuesday afternoon. Kemp said nothing really stood out overall as far as any sort of large-scale problems across the state.

"We had people set in staging areas across the state," Kemp said. "During early voting, we did site visits in all 159 counties, but today, we just spread everybody out in strategic areas so they could react quickly if we have an issue."

Some issues 11Alive did note included the Adamsville Recreation Center on Atlanta's west side, where some voting booths were reported out of service and some issues with provisional ballots were being reported early Tuesday afternoon. Both issues had been reportedly rectified by late Tuesday afternoon.

At the Tracey Wyatt Recreation Center in College Park, some voters were reporting lines of up to two hours in length earlier in the day on Tuesday, due to earlier machine problems. Later in the day, lines there had decreased significantly.

11Alive also received reports from one precinct of voters who were being asked whether they were voting Republican or Democratic in order to receive a ballot. This is something that should only be asked during the primary election. 11Alive News learned that poll managers are being made aware that they should alert their workers that the question is not necessary and should not be asked.

Some voters in Fulton County who had previously voted at Meadows Elementary School were alarmed to learn that the school is no longer being used as a polling location. Officials said Meadows was closed six months ago, and letters had been sent previously to voters from that precinct notifying them of their new voting location.

In Gwinnett County, at St. Mary's Church, several voters said they were being told their IDs were not valid, however, that issue was rectified. Other voters there said they were told by poll workers that provisional ballots would not be issued until 5 p.m. That issue is for people whose names were not on the list of registered voters, according to voting officials.

The Gwinnett County Board of Elections told 11Alive News late Tuesday afternoon that only one person had an identification problem, and that poll workers at St. Mary's Church are, in fact, issuing provisional ballots.

The watchdog group Latino Justice says they got complaints and that some people were not able to vote. The allegations stemmed from African American and Latino voters who said that when they waited in line to vote, their names were not on the list as registered.

Some of them told Latino Justice they had been voting at the same precinct -- the Gwinnett County Water Resource Center -- for years.

"They are taking people away and not letting people vote," said a representative from Latino Justice.

The group says voters were allowed to return once the issue was researched further.

Anyone who is having issues with voting on Tuesday please let us know by contacting us on Twitter via @11AliveNews using the hashtag #VERIFYVotes.

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