How are you feeling RIGHT NOW about Election Day?


Yes, we're asking you to vote. One. More. Time.

Except, we know Election Night is still young, and as results come in, your mood might change. This isn't a scientific poll. It's more like a mood ring. You can change your vote as your mood changes. And already, your mood is swinging from a happy 100% start, to an even 50/50, to a sadder majority.

As you sit there watching the results come in, go ahead and print out your very own Electoral College map. It works best if you have a blue and red crayon, but for those of you without a toddler in the house, grab what you can and get to work. If you need a cheat sheet, check out the live map on the front page of And, don't forget to tell us how it makes you feel. Because we care. Happy Election Day!

Check live results here.