There's clearly no love lost between former Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin and current Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed.

In a post on the Georgia Democrats' Blogging While Blue blog, the former mayor compares Reed to President-elect Donald Trump, and not in a favorable way.

Franklin pointed to Trump's reaction to the cast of Hamilton and its message to Vice President-elect Mike Pence last weekend.

The cast welcomed Pence and hoped that his experience watching the Broadway musical would encourage him to represent all Americans -- and perhaps think twice regarding those whose points of view might differ with his.

Trump took great offense to the on-stage message from the cast to Pence, insisting that it was nothing more than an ill-timed editorial. Franklin referred to a quote from journalist Dan Rather, who called Trump's offense an overreaction, and suggested he was simply bullying the cast members and blowing the entire situation out of proportion.

She pointed to personal attacks she has received from Reed on occasions when she has disagreed with him over the years.

"I have marveled at the personal attacks I have garnered from him when we either disagree on the facts or hold different opinions," Franklin said. "Reed’s bullying outbursts are not much different from those we have witnessed these last 18 months in president-elect Donald Trump’s despicable behavior."

Franklin says intimidation and bullying from our political leadership does nothing but reduce the number of people who would take the time to exercise their right to speak their mind.

"When we lose civility in politics and accept bullying from our President or our Mayor, our human rights are weakened," Franklin said.