ATLANTA (WXIA) -- There's a longshot measure afoot to try to keep the Braves inside the city of Atlanta, but it is a one that can be considered a bit of political sleight-of-hand.

The sponsor of the bill knows that the braves are leaving Atlanta and not coming back. The idea? To extend the boundaries of the city of Atlanta to include the new ballpark.

Atlanta has had more than a year to get used to the idea that the Braves will be leaving Turner Field and the city's confines in 2017.

"We're sorry they walked away from the table," said state Sen. Horacena Tate (D-Atlanta). "I think they felt a little slighted."

Tate is among many who are still having a problem with the idea of the Atlanta Braves playing in a non-Atlanta location. Since the Braves do not plan to undo their decision to move to Cobb County, Tate has another way to reverse the team's separation from the city.

"I propose just annexing the area in unincorporated Cobb where the Braves' stadium is going to be," she said.

Tate's proposal would extend the Atlanta city limits one-and-a-half miles up the width of Interstate 75 northward to the plot of land where the new stadium is under development.

"It's really humorous, to be honest with you," said state Rep. John Carson (R-Marietta).

Carson and other Cobb County leaders are not laughing at the oddly-shaped city Tate's bill would produce.

"What it really looks to me like is bitterness and resentment by the city of Atlanta," Carson said.

11Alive's Doug Richards asked Tate if the proposal was serious.

"It is a very serious proposal," Tate said.

She said her proposal is rooted in the desire that the Atlanta Braves continue to call themselves the Atlanta Braves. Team officials would not comment, but they have been saying for months that they intend to remain the Atlanta Braves, even after moving into their new ballpark.