In trying to play cheerleader for the GOP's new healthcare bill as House Oversight Committee Chairman on Tuesday, US Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-3rd, Utah) was left trying to clear up statements he made on a morning news show where he said Americans may have to choose between buying a new iPhone or paying for health insurance.

"Maybe, rather than getting that new iPhone that they just love and they want to spend hundreds of dollars on, maybe they should invest in their own healthcare," Chaffetz told CNN's Alisyn Camerota on New Day Tuesday morning. "They've got to make those decisions themselves."

"So, in other words, for lower income Americans, you're saying this is going to require some sacrifice on their part?" Camerota countered.

Chaffetz admitted to Camerota that the cost of health care for most Americans is spiraling out of control.

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"We've got to be able to lower the cost of healthcare," Chaffetz replied. "I mean, one of the things we're concerned about is healthcare inflation is just consuming the American budget, both for families and for the federal government. We've got to be able to drive those cost curves down."

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Later in the morning, Chaffetz appeared on Fox News Channel and tried to clarify his comments.

"What we're trying to say, and maybe I didn't say as smoothly as I possibly could, but people need to make a conscious choice, and I believe in self-reliance," Chaffetz said. "And they're going to have to make those decisions. We want people to have access to an affordable healthcare product."