As November looms and major decisions present themselves to the voting public, nine states will have the opportunity to legalize marijuana in some way.

NBC News reports that Arizona, California, Maine, Massachusetts and Nevada will be deciding whether to legalize recreational use of marijuana.

Arkansas, Florida, Montana and North Dakota will will be making a similar decision but the plant's use would be limited to medical purposes for these states.

Georgia will not be voting on either.

The ballot items come as a nationwide Pew study shows rising support for marijuana with 57 percent saying it should be made legal compared to 32 percent a decade before.

Colorado and Washington both lead the country in legalizing the drug and their actions may have played some role in the changing opinions.

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But detractors such as Carla Lowe of Citizens Against Legalizing Marijuana still point to increased use among children who turn to drugs, gangs and crime according to NBC News.

The federal government also refuses to drop pot out of its classification as a Schedule I illegal substance.

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