PORTLAND, Maine -- So the election has you a little bit bummed out? Kittens could be the solution. And one city is using them to gear up for what could be yet another nasty debate, NECN reports.

That's right, those who need a little joy in their lives during what has become a dark portion of the election process will be able to participate in "kitten therapy" - at least in Portland, Maine where a watch party is scheduled to include the fur balls.

"We'll have cats in a separate room and we'll rotate people out in groups," the spokesperson for Animal Refuge League of Greater Portland (ARLGP) told NECN. "We'll give people a few minutes to play and snuggle."

For those of us too far away from a comforting feline - or Maine - the American Psychological Association recommends these tips to avoid undue electoral anxiety for the coming month:

  • Limit media consumption (Don't worry, we'll be here when you get back.)
  • Volunteer
  • Avoid political conversations that could result in conflict

As hot button issues begin to take over the election and the voices behind all sides of them get louder, this may be your best way to stay fresh - and sane - before finally stepping into the booth in November to cast your ballot.

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