The latest decision from the Georgia Supreme Court Monday is a blow for Campus Carry advocates – it’s saying “no” to guns everywhere in schools.

The ruling attempted to clarify two conflicting gun laws Georgia lawmakers passed in 2014. The issue before the court was which one should be enforced.

One statute said visitors could have a gun on school property anywhere on campus. The other stipulated they could only have a gun if they were dropping off or picking up a child.

The group wanted parents with permits to be allowed to bring their guns into schools, but the Court ruled against that Monday, saying guns were permitted only at pickup and drop-off.

Read the court's full decision here.

State Rep. Mary Margaret Oliver, who has sponsored gun control legislation in the past, agrees with that decision.

“My opinion is, the data shows the proliferation of guns, particularly in places that can be volatile or confrontational, cause more harm than good,” Oliver told 11Alive’s Valerie Hoff.

Georgia Carry’s spokesman was not available for an interview, but in a statement said he was disappointed with the decision.

“Schools will continue to be ‘soft’ targets for violent crime, because criminals know that schools are largely unprotected,” the spokesman said. “GCO will continue to advocate for the decriminalization of carry on school campuses by responsible, law-abiding citizens.”

The group had previously filed a lawsuit against the Code Revision Commission and its members, including Gov. Nathan Deal, because of discrepancies between the two bills. Their aim was for a ruling that would not criminalize a person with a weapons carry license to carry a firearm within a school safety zone.

But eventually, the court agreed with Governor Deal and other members of a committee tasked with interpreting Georgia Law. However the situation shows gun control might be a hot button issue once again in the upcoming legislative session.