President Trump touted the I-85 bridge rebuild during a visit to FEMA headquarters on Friday morning.

The president was briefed on hurricane response preparations as the Atlantic tropical season begins a stretch of favorable conditions for storm development.

Trump praised his administration’s commitment to homeland security and disaster response.

“We are very strong on homeland security and we are very strong with respect to FEMA,” Trump said. “We've had some things during the last six months, including the highway in Atlanta, where I have to say the governor and all concerned did a fantastic job of rebuilding that stretch of highway that ended up burning so badly.

"We found the reasons why and it wasn't a good reason. But nevertheless they did it in record time. I'm a builder and I understand they did it ahead of schedule and under budget and that was very nice to see."

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Basil Eleby is accused of putting a chair on top of a shopping cart and then smoking crack, which prosecutors say led the fire that collapsed the bridge. He is facing charges of first-degree arson and criminal damage to property.

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Eleby is being represented by several well-known Atlanta attorneys who argue that the Georgia Department of Transportation should be held accountable for storing flammable materials under the bridge.

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