Grab your popcorn, it's time for the third and final presidential debate.

The drama of the debates so far has caught the attention of movie theater chain Regal Cinemas. They're hosting free screenings of the third debate at dozens of theaters across the country, including eight in Georgia.

A record 84 million people watched the first debate and 66.5 million people watched the second debate. Those ratings don't take into account the social watching that's become popular among millennials and political junkies.

"Cheer (or jeer?) your favorite candidate," Regal Cinemas says in its advertisement for the event. "Regal Cinemas is excited to offer voters, debate teams, political science classes, or regular Joes the chance to watch Clinton vs. Trump in the 3rd presidential debate on the big screen."

"After the success of airing the last debate, including many full auditoriums, we want to continue to encourage our local communities to be engaged in public policy and provide Regal guests the unique opportunity to experience the political process on the big screen," Steve Bunnell, Chief Content Programming Officer for Regal said.

FULL LIST | Read the full list of participating theaters here

The screenings begin at 9:00 pm on Wednesday. It's a free live event and everyone who buys popcorn will get a free small drink.

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