A profile of former acting Attorney General Sally Yates appears in next week's issue of The New Yorker, and includes a detailed account of her role in the Michael Flynn matter, and the issues leading up to his resignation as National Security Advisor.

Yates only served the Trump Administration for 10 days -- from the inauguration of President Donald Trump, until January 30.

On January 26, Yates informed the White House that Flynn was vulnerable to blackmail by Russia, based on his prior conversations with Russian officials, including Russian Ambassador to the U.S., Sergey Kislyak.

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There have been a number of concerns, including that Flynn had violated the Logan Act, which outlaws private citizens from negotiating with foreign governments having a dispute with the United States.

In a preview of the article appearing on The New Yorker's website now, Yates talks about her early life in Georgia, and her career in the US Attorney's office here in Atlanta, where she prosecuted high-profile defendants like Centennial Olympic Park bomber Eric Robert Rudolph, before being named assistant Attorney General under President Obama, and her tumultuous tenure with the Trump Administration.

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According to the article, Yates has so far, ruled out running for governor next year.

"I am totally ruling out the governor's race. I am not running for governor," she said in the article. "I recognize that I may have a voice that I didn't have before. And part of what I want to be able to do is to figure out how I can responsibly use that voice in a way to impact things that I think really matter. I just don't know what form that takes."

The New Yorker article does mention what many people in Georgia already know -- that Democrats here are still trying to draft Yates to run anyway. And even though she has ruled out a run for the big house on Paces Ferry, she still feels she has more to contribute to Georgia.

"I've got something to give back," she said.

The full article will be in next week's edition of The New Yorker, which appears on newsstands early next week.