Marietta-based Staymobile is warning of a possible smartphone disaster and offering a discount on screen replacements for smartphones right after Election Day.

The company cites a recent Harris Poll that shows 52 percent of American adults cite the 2016 election as a very or somewhat significant source of stress.

"The likeliness of device damage will be greater than ever before on the evening of Nov. 6 as the winner of the 2016 presidential election is announced," the company said in a press release issued Monday.

Staymobile, a service company providing electronic repair, accessories and protection, came up with five ways to protect your device on election night.

  1. Lock your phone in a safe place – When the news breaks, there’s a chance your phone may too as you release your anger with a punt of your device through the living room wall. Eliminate the temptation by storing away your phone.
  2. Separate yourself from your bipartisan friends – You may have been college roommates 20 years ago, but if Tim celebrates his party’s victory at your house, he may see the backside of your not so protective case.
  3. Eliminate all standing water – While a toilet is the direction you see the country headed based on the results of the election, it is no place for a smartphone.
  4. Stay cool, calm and unconnected – Keep your smartphone turned off on Tuesday night. Ignorance is bliss.
  5. Let Junior have a turn – Put your device in the safe hands of your kids. Or, when the final votes are tallied, you’ll be playing your own version of Angry Birds.

If these tips don't work, Staymobile will offer a 16 percent off screen replacement promotion on Wednesday, Nov. 9.

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