ATLANTA -- A protest tent city in front of what was once Turner Field is no more after alleged complaints from the community.

Georgia State University police released a statement on Friday announcing that police removed tents from Hank Aaron Drive in front of the field - known known as Georgia State Stadium.

“It became apparent that community tolerance for the abandoned tents and debris was waning,” Georgia State Police Chief Joseph Spillane said. “We allowed the group to keep the tents up for more than two months, but the time has come for the university to clean up the property and move forward.”

Protesters had been camping out in opposition to current redevelopment of the field. Those involved were asking the company in charge, Carter Development, and the stadium's new owner, Georgia State, to negotiate with neighbors regarding community benefits. They also wanted to insure that the community to have a voice in the ongoing redevelopment of the $22.8 million purchase.

But Chief Spillane said that the tent set-up was requiring the university to use its resources to ensure the safety of both protesters and the public. And the department said that some members of the surrounding neighborhoods considered the tents an eyesore and posed traffic, health and safety concerns.

So Friday, university police and facilities services said they allowed tent owners to move their property to the street. They are also storing the abandoned tents and property until the owners can claim them.

University officials said they are continuing to meet with representatives from the neighborhoods to talk about the university's community involvement.