ATLANTA -- At 11Alive, we believe the very heart of journalism means giving a voice to everyone in our community to make metro Atlanta a better place to live. That's why we want you to join us and #RaiseYourVoice. Help us shine a light on the problems in your community so we can find solutions together. What makes you angry ?What issues do you see in your neighborhood that need change? What are the problems we can tackle together? Wish you could fix something or right a wrong .... But need some help? We'll pick your ideas, your suggestions, your problems and your solutions and we will get to work! You can play a role in our coverage!

Traffic was, hands down, the number one issue you told us you wanted to tackle. As one viewer told us, "It's the worst hour of my day in the morning, and the worst hour of my day at night." Teams of journalists in the newsroom are working on several of your suggestions. We need your help with one of them right now.

We've received complaints of numerous potholes in DeKalb County. They've been called huge, dangerous, and plentiful. We need your help tracking them. Let us know about potholes in DeKalb County. Click here.

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