COLLEGE PARK, Ga. -- A local rapper is in trouble with the law again after he was accused of slapping a woman in the parking lot of a College Park bar and lounge Sunday morning.

According to a police report with the College Park Police Department, Jeffery Williams, a.k.a. Young Thug, has been accused of simple battery in connection to the incident.

According to the report, Valerie Raven had just exited the Palace Nightclub at 4885 Old National Hwy around 2:30 a.m. when she got into an argument with Williams' fiancée. That's when Raven said Williams intervened in the argument, allegedly striking the 27-year-old in the left side of her face.

There were several witnesses on scene who backed up Raven's story, but they left the scene before police could collect their statements. Cell phone video also appears to show Williams "reach toward the crowd with his right hand" in Raven's direction, however the responding officer wrote in his report that it appeared no physical contact was made. The officer also noted that there was no mark on Raven's face.

According to the report, Williams and his fiancée were not on the scene when the officer arrived.

This is not the first time the 25-year-old rapper has made headlines for reasons other than his rap career. In December, Williams was arrested after officers spotted him in the parking lot of the Lenox Mall. Officers confirmed he had an active warrant in Atlanta after failing to appear in court.

The rapper also grabbed attention for allegedly calling two airport employees "peasants" in a supposed prank. His mother later made him apologize.

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