ATLANTA -- NBC News reports that a new social media movement appears to be pushing the repeal of a Constitutional amendment to get a specific candidate elected.

Whether it's a legitimate attempt to repeal the right for women to vote or a symbolic gesture is not entirely clear.

However, the group has rallied under the cry of #RepealThe19th after national polling revealed what NBC called an "extreme gender gap among presidential support."

The 19th Amendment was signed into law in 1920 giving U.S. women the right to vote.

The new poll analysis indicated that if just women voted, Hillary Clinton would carry the election with a whopping 458 electoral votes to Trump's 80, with even Georgia - a traditionally Republican-held state for several years - turning bright blue.

However, if only men voted, the poll showed Trump overtaking Clinton at the polls with 350 electoral votes to the Democratic candidate's 188.

The story and information were first released by FiveThirtyEight writer Nate Silver. The site credits itself with finding stories in statistical analysis.

Specifically, the poll saw a major split in a Public Religion Research Institute poll conducted on behalf of The Atlantic.

The online movement comes just days after tapes surfaced of Trump speaking of actions that would equate to sexual assault if acted upon.

Trump, both before and during the presidential debate on Oct. 9, referred to the comments as "locker room talk" apologizing but mentioning that Bill Clinton - the husband of candidate Hillary Clinton and a former president himself - had said far worse to him and done worse while he was in office.

He also denied that he had ever acted upon what he'd said on the bus when questioned by CNN's Anderson Cooper during the debate.

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