CHELYABINSK REGION, RUSSIA -- Some Russian chefs attempted to break the record for the biggest potato pancake in history on Friday, in a festival dedicated to the traditional delicacy.

The pancake, called “dranik” in Russian, is a traditional dish of Belarusian origin.

Festival organizers hoped this would be the year they would break the record for the biggest potato pancake. Belarusian cooks set the record in March 2016 with a six-and-a-half-diameter potato pancake.

But this latest attempt was thwarted by the freezing record. The stove they planned to fry the giant pancake broke down in the below-zero temperatures.

Local chefs, however, weren’t going to let the cold weather get in the way of the fun. They instead found several smaller stoves and fried an impressive 1,500 regular-sized pancakes, much to the delight of the visitors.