A stray bullet smashed into a window. Inside, a sleeping baby was unharmed.

Homeowners in a Forsyth County neighborhood say it is the latest in a series of bullets hitting their homes.

Now, they say they are too scared to let their children play outside.

11Alive's Joe Henke talked with one concerned homeowner and the Forsyth County Sheriff's Office -- and learned that it may all be legal.

One homeowner in the Bridlewood neighborhood says this is an issue she wants to see addressed right away.

On more than one occasion, she says stray bullets have hit her home or neighbors' homes and she thinks it is only a matter of time before somebody could be injured.

"Actually climbed up on a ladder right here, went up there and was able to determine that was from a pistol," Felicia Fechtmeister said.

Fechtmeister said Forsyth County Sheriff's deputies came to her home on Monday and looked at the damage she said was from stray bullets.

A sheriff's office spokesperson said the damage is under investigation and they cannot comment at this point.

Fechtmeister said she noticed the damage after seeing her neighbor's window.

They found a bullet the room and realized it wasn't a bush or tree limb. It was, in fact, bullets.

The homeowner told deputies he hears gunfire every weekend and suspects it's target practice. He says it lasts for hours at a time.

Just behind the subdivision is a clearing that is kind of hard to see because of a lot of trees directly behind the homes.

That is where Fechtmeister says the gunfire is coming from -- behind a house on Gravitt Road. She says the damage is from multiple incidents.

While no one was at the property on Tuesday, reports from the Forsyth County Sheriff's Department mention a small embankment on the property where a relative of the owner told deputies his brother shoots toward.

Fechtmeister's cul-de-sac is downrange -- where she says she is living in fear.

"Not only my children getting shot, my husband getting shot, myself or any of the neighbors, but all the neighborhood children," she said. "If that was to happen I would sue people out of oblivion."

A Forsyth County spokesperson says county commissioners will not comment on the damage, as they are being advised everything appears to fall within the county ordinance, and there was no ill intent.

But Fechhmeister says she just wants a safe neighborhood.

"There are 10 kids that live in the cul-de-sac. Somethings got to change," she said.

That homeowner says she and her neighbors are no longer allowing their children to play outside because of the stray bullets making them feel trapped inside their own homes.