Residents in one Buckhead neighborhood say a constant water leak has gone on for too long.

Jane Hasson says since September 8th, she has repeatedly called the City of Atlanta Watershed Department after an area of Chatham Road sprung a leak right in front of her home.

"It's bubbling. It's actually bubbling!" she said, describing the leak.

Neighbor Doug MacLean discovered the leak a few weeks later during a morning walk with his kids.

"The kids noticed the water first and I said -- that's not right," he recalls.

MacLean reached out to 11Alive after learning other neighbors had been calling for weeks, with no results.

"We are wasting millions of gallons -- at least hundreds of thousands of gallons of water," he said.

Both said they were concerned about the waste, especially with the recent lack of rain.

"The frustration is that we are in a drought situation and water is just wasted," Hassan said. "It is just running down the street and literally down the drain."

11Alive's Blayne Alexander reached out to the city's watershed department. Spokesperson Lillian Govus said the city is aware of the leak, but crews have been tied up with a growing number of major water main breaks. Govus said the recent fluctuating temperatures have caused more pipes to rupture, leading to more breaks.

That means smaller leaks, like the one on Chatham Road, are currently backlogged. Govus said that leak is scheduled to be fixed by the end of the next week, at the latest.

Photos | Water main break in Southwest Atlanta

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