(KSL) Police are crediting two employees and a customer at a in South Salt Lake, Utah Taco Bell with saving an infant from danger in the drive-thru line on Monday.

South Salt Lake police spokesman Gary Keller said two employees noticed a car holding up the drive-thru line around 7:30 p.m.

The driver of the 2008 BMW sedan stopped his vehicle before reaching the drive-thru window and blocked the lane for a considerable amount of time, police said.

Two Taco Bell employees became concerned and went out to the vehicle. That's when the employees discovered the driver of the vehicle was slumped over the steering wheel and was initially unresponsive.

"They went to investigate the situation and found an intoxicated male that had passed out in the drive-thru with a 9-month-old infant in the vehicle," Keller said.

With the vehicle still in gear and the driver slumped over the wheel, the employees and customer removed the infant from the vehicle, fearing the impaired driver would wake up and drive away. The driver was awakened and encouraged to park the vehicle and go inside the restaurant to make arrangements to have someone pick up the infant. Instead, the driver sped away leaving the infant behind, police said.

The infant was returned to his family unharmed.

The 2008 BMW was located a few blocks away unoccupied and was impounded.

Police are still trying to identify the driver of the vehicle and the investigation is ongoing.

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