ATLANTA -- The bridge collapse on I-85 is affecting everyone including small businesses. 

Manager David Rucker at Johnny's Pizza on Cheshire Bridge Road said pizza deliveries are taking more than an hour to successfully get to customers.

During the weekend, many don't want to cook so they order delivery. That's peak time for Johnny's Pizza.

"Nobody wants to go out because they are afraid of the traffic," he said.

Crews are still working to demolish parts of I-85. Drivers are forced to find alternate routes. Johnny's Pizza happens to be on one of the only open side roads to get around town.

"All day, bumper-t--bumper traffic because this is major road from downtown to Buckhead." Rucker said.

Business was good during work hours Friday. 

"As far as the evening business goes, it really suffered," Rucker said.

But when people headed home it was a traffic nightmare and it's affecting his delivery drivers.

"If we can get off the main road and into some of the back areas, that's OK, but anything on this major artery - it's very difficult," he said.

Rucker hopes crews can work fast to open more routes for drivers because he knows it could soon start to hurt his finances.

"The road is one of the few ways to get from downtown to Buckhead so it is just going to be like this for a long time," he said.

The manager said there's nothing they can do with these new traffic patters other than people getting use to them.