Much of the discussion since last week's election of Donald Trump has centered around what people of color and other minorities should expect under the new administration.

Given the fear and anger many minorities are feeling, it would make sense some folks would try to take their minds off the election with a little entertainment.

Some of those people were lucky enough to score tickets to "Hamilton," Lin-Manuel Miranda's musical re-imagining of America's Founding Fathers as rapping people of color.

Even the theater was not a total getaway on Friday night, though, as vice president-elect Mike Pence walked into the show.

Pence has certainly had a busy week, as he's headed up President-elect Donald Trump's transition team, and he was surely looking forward to relaxing and taking in a show.

Instead, people upset with the results of the election caught a glance of Pence and began booing him loudly as he found his way to his seat.

After the show, one of the performers had a message for Pence, thanking him for attending the show and asking him to consider and value the rights of those who look different from him.