ATLANTA -- Tributes are pouring in after the deadly bus crash in Fulton County.

On Friday night, we’re learning more about all the people who were injured in the crash. Also becoming more clear: what happened in those minutes leading up to the tragic accident.

Fulton County police said it was the church’s bus driver who tried crossing into a new lane on Camp Creek Parkway, Thursday afternoon when the bus veered into a Chrysler 200. The bus then over-corrected, went into the median and rolled onto a Mercedes.

Every single person involved in this wreck was taken to the hospital. And currently, the bus driver is still in serious condition. Because of that investigators have not yet spoken with him.

They said they'll wait for that interview before deciding on any charges that might be filed.

The good news so far is that the vast majority of those injured are now out of the hospital.

“I was panicked at first because I didn’t know what was going on,” one person said.

Those are emotions shared by the families of the 40 people injured during Thursday’s tragic bus crash. But as their loved ones are released from the hospital, family members said they can’t believe the deadly crash wasn’t worse.

They’re crediting the response on the ground and the staffers at several different metro-area hospitals.

Fulton County police plan to do an accident reconstruction in the coming days. They said speed does not appear to be a factor in the crash. No charges have been filed but police want to speak with the driver.

“It’s my understanding that we have not interviewed him," one official said. "It’s also my understanding that he is still in the hospital. Once we find out what his status is medically, then we can interview him.”

We’re also learning more tonight about the surviving victims. Most of them were high school students, on their way to a mission trip in the African county of Botswana.

Allison Thrasher was asleep on the bus when it crashed and was injured. But thankfully, she’s doing ok.

Another Facebook post said a father and son riding together were also injured. They have broken bones and bruises but are expected to recover.

Mount Zion Baptist Church in Huntsville, Ala. said Friday evening they’re overwhelmed by the work done by first responders, hospital staffs and community members who have all stepped forward to help during this difficult time.