TUCKER, Ga. -- A violent fight at a local youth football game has parents and one of the coaches concerned for the children's safety.

Reports indicate five young football players were hurt from the fight and that the situation escalated quickly.

It was at Fitzgerald Field in Tucker, Georgia where one of the youth football coaches said a fight broke out on the field. No security or police were scheduled to work the event where players were ultimately hurt when they got attacked by a group of men.

It was the Tucker Lions' season-opening football game and cell phone videos captured the melee. Coach Yohon Trotter said the game turned into a brawl.

"Someone approached me in a hostile manner upset about how I choose to play my players," Trotter said. "I've never seen the man before, so I was a little lost."

He said the confrontation turned violent when a group jumped over the fence and attacked him - and anyone else who tried to break up the fight.

"So I had kids getting hit, parents getting hit; people tried to get me out of the situation because they were saying guns were out," Trotter said.

He said there were no security guards or police - no safety precautions in place - at Fitzgerald Field. The Tucker Football League has since confirmed they didn't hire security for the event but they said they do have two security officers at every home game now in an attempt to address the concern.

When asked why there wasn't security, the league said that attendance was very low and they didn't think it was necessary.

"I want the park to be accountable," Trotter said. "I want the league to be held accountable. I want the parents and the people involved to be accountable."

Trotter, who played in a youth football league, said he knows the value of the game and that safety of his players is his top priority.

"We've done our best to make them forget about it but this is something they'll never forget," he said.

When asked specific questions, Tucker Football League authorities referred 11Alive to an attorney who represents it. Coach Trotter said the reason he wants to speak up is to bring awareness to the incident.

As for police response, we're told they did arrive at the scene but 11Alive was unable to get a copy of the report.