LEON COUNTY, Fla. -- Add this one to the books of #Florida stories.

A Leon County Sheriff's detective is getting props for helping to wrangle a large snake found curled up in a Florida ditch with her bare hands.

According to the Leon County Sheriffs' Office, one of their detectives, Emily Shaw, got an "unusual" call for help Wednesday, and when she got there, she soon discovered that she had a slithering, scaly problem on her hands -- a rather large anaconda.

Officials say Shaw has experience handling exotic snakes, and it shows, as she expertly side steps and dodges the agitated snake in order to get it into a waiting bag.

Check out the video below!

Officials say they confirmed the snake was a 9-foot yellow anaconda, a nonvenomous species typically found in South America. The snake, a cousin of the green anaconda, can reach lengths of up to 15 feet and usually prey on small wild animals like fish, birds pigs and others.

Officials believe the snake was someone's pet that either escaped or was released. They reminded pet owners to be responsible and make sure cages are always locked and if they no longer want their pet to contact the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and DO NOT release it into the wild.

But you don't have to travel all the way to Florida to catch a glimpse of slithery snakes -- we've got 'em right in our backyard!

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