Rain is on the way. This is the first measurable rain we've had in more than 40 days. The last measurable rain in Atlanta was in mid October. That was only .03". Before that, the last significant rain was mid September. The last significant rain with an inch or more was the beginning of September.

Since it has been so long since we've had rain, you may want to check out a few things.

First, make sure your gutters and downspouts are clear of any clogs. A lot of leaves have fallen in the past few weeks with no water cleaning them out of your gutters. Some downspouts may also be clogged since it has been so long without rain. Also make sure there is a good path for the water to flow out of those downspouts away from your house.

Second, be aware that some road drains may also be covered with leaves. Hopefully, the department of transportation is checking these out before the rain comes. Just be aware that there could be some ponding on the roads if any of these storm drains are clogged.

Third, be aware of slick roads. There is more than 40 days worth of oil and grime that has been building up on the roads during this dry spell. Once the rain begins, that water and oil will get very slick before the water is able to wash much of it away. Drive extra slow on those wet roads that will be slicker than normal.

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