Residents in the Los Angeles suburb of El Segundo have been plagued for weeks by an air horn that sounded like a train for all hours of the night, but they couldn't find the source of the noise.

TV station KNBC said that early Sunday morning, police arrested John W. Nuggent, who had air horn equipment inside his car.

"The sound is like a train coming through the neighborhood," said Lt. Ray Garcia with the El Segundo Police Department.

Police had received a number of reports from the city's west side over the past several weeks, until residents spotted the car -- a blue four-door sedan. Usually, officers would receive the reports, but by time they arrived, the suspect would have fled.

Early Sunday, at about 4 a.m., officers heard the noise, and made a traffic stop of a blue Chevrolet Aero, where they found the air horn equipment. The commotion drew a number of local residents who said they had been victims of the "air horn aggravator."

Nuggent was booked by police on a misdemeanor charge of suspicion of disturbing the peace, and his car -- with the horn inside, was impounded, KNBC said.

Garcia told KNBC Nuggent had been sounding his horn nearly every night for weeks. He said authorities are not sure why, but says they believe someone in the area had wronged him in some fashion, and this was his way of getting back at them.

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