If you're a line-dancing Pikachu, you pretty much have one important job. And by all visual accounts, this one did it pretty well. But when something did go wrong, it caused a moment that will go down in wacky web infamy.

A video has surfaced online showing a group of roughly 15 of the beloved Pokemon characters dancing to "You Can't Stop The Beat" of Hairspray fame. NPR reports it was for the Pokemon World Festival in South Korea.

Everything had been going perfectly up to this point, but that's when things appear to go awry. Amid a backdrop of bobbing and wobbling Pikachu the leader appears to be running out of air - literally.


The ears begin to drop followed by the neck area. All the while, the lead Pikachu fights against the odds and continues to keep its feet to the upbeat song.

"You can't stop an avalanche as it races down the hill"

A man in a white shirt and several men in suits suddenly rush in and tackle the droopy-looking, smiling creature and force him off the stage.

"You can try to stop the seasons, girl. But ya know you never will."

The 14 remaining Pikachu continue their dance number. You can't see their fear - because their smiles are technically sewn on - but you can almost feel it.

"And you can try to stop my dancin' feet. But I just cannot stand still."

They stay in line and continue to dance on - seemingly because no one else wants to be next. They will not stop the beat.


It turns out, there really was some confusion on the stage but the commotion wasn't quite what it seemed. NPR has since translated a video released after the incident that explains what really happened.

As the head Pikachu began to deflate, the man in the white shirt was rushing in to help. Unfortunately, security guard number one didn't get the memo. He rushes in to tackle the staffer and comes close to doing exactly that. Another guard, knowing more than the first one, runs in to avert the disaster by telling the first security guard to stand down.

Ultimately, they all end up rushing Pikachu to the back like the Men in Black serving an interstellar warrant. As far as we can tell, everything is OK now. But for a few moments, the whimsical world of cute battling creatures met with a real world... something?

One major question remains, however, that even NPR seems unable to answer at this point: Why Hairspray?