TULSA (KJRH) -- Some criminals just begging to be caught.

An Oklahoma man was arrested Monday night after he allegedly stole a police vehicle, rammed a police cruiser and lead officers on a high speed chase….all while streaming the pursuit live on Facebook.

Authorities say a Tulsa Police officer was inside a coffee shop and left her keys in the police car when it was stolen just before 8 p.m. Police said the suspect, 25-year old John Pinney, took off in the cruiser.

Pinney then lead officers on a high-speed chase across at least three counties and reached speeds of up to 120 miles-per-hour. While on the run, Pinney posted part of the chase on facebook live using the officer's iPad.

After a 40-minute pursuit, police were able to catch up with the suspect at his parents' home. Police say the Facebook video made it easier for officers to track him down.

Pinney was charged with several felony counts, including impersonating a police officer.

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