WHITE COUNTY, Ga. -- You've probably heard of staycations, where you spend your time off of work doing fun activities in your hometown. But have you heard of Nacations? The unconventional but growing niche is now a $400 million industry.

The Serendipity Nudist Park in White County, Ga. promises stress-free relaxation for the entire family. They say there's no hang-ups about body image, no judgments and no shame.

"Shame is something that must be learned; we're not born with it," said Stuart Antrim of Serendipity Nudist Park. "Once you get past 30 seconds of awkwardness, they realized that learned shame melts away."

The resort has been around for more than 20 years, long before naked nature lovers coined the phrase "Nacation."

Some live there year-round, others rent cabins that fill up in the summer. So what's the appeal?

"Swimming nude –wow! That's way different than swimming with even the teeniest suit on," said one enthusiast.

Proponents of Nacations say one of the advantages is you don't have to stress about what clothes to pack -- just sunscreen and an open mind.

Serendipity's owners say it's anything but a sexually-charged environment. But not all nacations are created equal.

Agencies like Topless Travel in Florida market clothing-optional trips and cruises to the Caribbean, where singles and adventurous couples go as bare as they dare. Its owner say business is booming.

Atlanta-based tour operator VacationExpress.com has also seen an increase.

"15 years ago we had probably two resorts and now we have six," said Elma Placeres Dieppa of VacationExpress.com.

They run the gamut from topless to optional to anything goes.

"Hedonism is top tier in Jamaica, and it's an all-inclusive," said Placeres Dieppa. "It's known for being more on the Nacation side, less on the optional."

Not comfortable with letting it all hang out? You could always try a nacation staycation in the privacy of your own home.

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