ATLANTA – Atlanta natives are helping people in Haiti brace for the impact of Hurricane Matthew. They’ve been working for 24 hours straight to get people there ready for the storm.

Workers from Atlanta-based CARE are very nervous about the storm.

It’s expected to be the worst storm Haiti has seen in decades, and the 345 CARE employees based there say they’re doing everything they can to help the county prepare.

“People really know that this is something serious that’s about to happen and that they need to evacuate,” said Haiti CARE worker Laura Sewell.

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Over a spotty Skype connection, Sewell says preparing for Matthew has been a blur.

“Today has been a very busy day and we have tried to get as many people evacuated and into shelters as possible,” she said.

Her ground team spent the day in the streets with megaphones trying to coax people out of their homes and into shelters.

“This is something that could be incredibly serious for Haiti,” Sewell said. “The eye of the storm is expected to pass directly over Haiti, so we are expecting flooding, landslides, mudslides. It’s looking like it’s going to be very serious for Haiti.”

She says the focus tonight is getting everyone to safety.

“There’s a chance this could be enormous and have a really significant impact on Haiti, so we’re gearing up for the worst,” she said.

People at CARE Headquarters in Atlanta say they have not set a fundraising goal yet, because they’re waiting to see just how bad it’s going to get there.