Georgia Bulldogs fans are likely suffering from a nasty hangover after a 24-10 loss to the Florida Gators on Saturday, and it doesn't have anything to do with all those cocktails they had.

The Bulldogs only produced 164 total yards on offense, a season-worst. The defense did its part, but the Gators started a lot of drives in good field position and were able to get two touchdowns on the ground and one through the air.

The Bulldogs have lost two in a row, and three of their last four games.

The Kirby Smart era has just begun, but on the surface, it looks like this program has taken a step back.

After the eighth game of the season resulted in a loss, here are eight interesting things Smart and his players said afterwards:

1. Smart on loss: “We are 4-4. That’s a fact. That’s a reality...What can we do about it? Get our butts ready to play Kentucky...There’s some frustrated kids in that locker room, and I’m frustrated for them. But I also know they will fight.”

2. Smart on what he says to defense after game like that: "You tell them: Stop them on third down....You tell them, get a turnover…So we’re not patting anybody on the back"

3. Smart on the running game: “It’s hard any time the (opponents) make you one dimensional. It’s hard to be successful. It’s frustrating because I really thought we’d be able to run in this game. There were glimpses, but nothing consistent. When you can’t run consistently, it makes you one dimensional.”

4. Smart on Jacob Eason: "I think he's growing up, I think the hard way. I think that's the best pass rush he's seen yet...He fared okay, but not where we need him to be, and he knows that."

5. Smart on punter Marshall Long: “The punting continues to be an issue. To be honest with you, I didn’t expect to have to use Brice [Ramsey] today. I had complete confidence that Marshall was going to be able to kick the ball...The thing is, he can punt. He’s a good punter...He’s struggling with rhythm. He’s struggling with timing. He’s not getting the hang time we need.”

6. Nick Chubb on the season to this point: “Every year you have expectations of coming in, doing good and eventually being undefeated. We’re not that, so we have to accept who we are and continue to play.”

7. Maurice Smith on losing streak: “It’s been kind of rough, but I really can’t say I don’t love it. Wins or losses, I just love to play football, just playing the game I love. I’d go to war with those guys every time. Whether we lose or not, I just love playing.”

8. Brandon Kublanow on what team does next: “We stick together. We want to build a program here, Coach Smart is building a program here, and we believe in that. I know there is a bright future for UGA and we just have to keep working.”

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