We know you can't watch everything, but you likely tried. There was a lot going on this weekend. The 'Cocktail Party' between Georgia and Florida, the Atlanta Falcons at home, the World Series... you get the point.

To help you out with those water cooler discussions, we've come up with some things you can say to make you sound up-to-date. While everyone will try to sound smart about the FBI re-opening an investigation over Hillary Clinton's emails or what some dude said at a Donald Trump rally, you can impress them with your sports knowledge:

If someone brings up the World Series, you say:

"Man, way for the Cubs to battle back and win last night! Did you know this was their first World Series win at Wrigley Field since 1945? A couple nights ago, seats were going for almost $10,000. Who has that kind of money?! Anyway, the Indians are still one away from winning it all, but the Cubs have the momentum."

If someone brings up the Atlanta Falcons, you say:

"Fhew, thank goodness for Matt Ryan. I mean, he completed nine passes on that last drive. That pass to Sanu for the game-winning touchdown was a bullet, but he made a good catch. Hopefully they can redeem themselves against the Bucs Thursday night."

If someone brings up the Georgia-Florida game, you say:

"That was really bad. I can't believe the Gators have won three in a row against the 'Dawgs. But hey, it's still too soon to judge Kirby. He's still getting his footing, plus he needs some time to recruit. But Jim Chaney? I don't know, so far this offense is not clicking."

If someone brings up the NFL in general, you say:

"The NFL's ratings continue to stink. That London game was a bust with another tie! Ugh! Plus, more dumb penalties. A ref threw a flag on the Seahawks because Earl Thomas hugged him after a touchdown! That's why I call it the No Fun League."

If someone asks what you're watching tonight, you say:

"Well it's a travel day for Cubs and Indians, and it's not cool to watch Monday Night Football anymore. I guess I'll watch the Hawks! They are playing the Kings. Did you know the Hawks are 2-0 for the first time since 2011?!


Come back next week for more water cooler advice.

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