The Atlanta Super Bowl LIII Host Committee unveiled its official logo and launched its website and social media channels on Thursday.

The committee described its emblem as “classic red and modern gray with a distinct aerial view of Mercedes-Benz Stadium as part of the logo.”

The letters ATL in the ATLANTA word, according to the committee, are featured “in a powerful dark gray color symbolizing a vibrant, progressive and diverse city.

“The red and gray color scheme signifies a bold and innovative spirit that is present every day in a global city that prides itself on a unique, inclusive warmth and charm,” the committee said.

Mercedes-Benz Stadium’s roof element in the logo “showcases a special red and gray color combination that strategically reveals football imagery with gray goal posts as part of the inner roof panel outline,” the committee said.

“We want to introduce our logo design with a nod to our great city as well as the finest stadium in the world and show how much we are anticipating the challenge of hosting a Super Bowl experience like none other,” said Host Committee COO Brett Daniels.

“We created this logo to represent the passion, pride and excitement we feel for playing host to pro football’s crown jewel,” added executive director Carl Adkins. “We tried to creatively include the key architectural element of our new iconic stadium in the design while also adding a special football touch as goal posts anchor the dynamic roof panel.” is the committee's official website address. @atlsuperbowl53 is the official Twitter,Instagram and Facebook handles for the host committee.