A San Francisco bar is going to give away free shots for every 3-pointer the Golden State Warriors make during Friday's NBA Finals game against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Considering that the Warriors average 12.7 threes in the postseason, this is a pretty crazy deal.

But it doesn't stop there. The restaurant, RM 212, also has drink specials named after the team's players. And it's not too difficult to figure out how much each drink is.

The price is the player's number. So No. 35 Kevin Durant's drink named after him is $35. I think we'll just settle for an Igoudala.

11Alive partner For The Win! called the restaurant and a representative said they were doing the specials because it's a smaller business trying to generate buzz and get people in the door.

But for whomever is closing the bar's sake, let's hope Steph Curry doesn't break his postseason record of 3's in a postseason game he set earlier this postseason. Remember, 27 threes made against the Spurs?

That's just too many shots.

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