ATLANTA, Ga. -- The Atlanta Track Club did not waste any time kicking off In Training for the AJC Peachtree Road Race presented by Publix. My first run was this morning at West Stride Buckhead and the group was fired up!


I thought we would start with an easy walk, or maybe some light stretching... I was wrong. After a motivational talk reminding us that we COULD do this, we were off on a 3 mile run.

There was a walk/run option that a lot of the newer runners took, and the woman leading that group was hysterical. Margaret has more energy first thing in the morning than I have after 3 cups of coffee.


I wanted to see how far I could make it, so I took off with the running group. My running buddy was Susan and she is fantastic! She's worked with the Atlanta Track Club for 3 years and definitely knows her stuff. She distracted me from the mileage by dissecting the House of Cards finale.

We were lucky to get a run in at all given the crazy weather here in Atlanta. We were out late covering the F-2 tornado in Troup County and after seeing all the trees down there, I was sure training would be canceled. To my delight (dismay?) the skies were clear at 9:30AM when we took off. We did have to dodge a few downed trees during the run, but overall it was a clear shot there and back.

We got a pleasant surprise when we got back to West Stride... Genie Beaver's 5 year old daughter Carlin was out of school because of the storm, and she took the time to make us all fans!! It was massively sticky and humid this morning, so her efforts were majorly appreciated!

After we did some quick stretching, some of the ladies from the group went and got coffee together and got to know each other a little better. It really seems like a great group of motivated women who are going to be a blast to train with!

Did I say women?! Crash Clark will be the only man training with the group. He had to miss the first session this morning because he was in the studio helping people navigate their morning commute in the bad weather. One of the organizers was concerned all the ladies would make him feel uncomfortable during training... I assured her she has NOTHING to worry about.

We have some homework to complete before next week's training session... but I'm waiting to see how sore I am tomorrow before I lace up again. One of the officials tips from the trainers at Atlanta Track Club for week one was "Make a Goal". What's yours?


Overall, I had a blast and am so glad I'm In Training for the Peachtree Road Race!

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