LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. -- He walked in with his shades still on and a bag slung over his shoulder.

He walked over to the locker at the end of the wall, where at the top it reads "Brandon Phillips 4."

The little man put his stuff down and walked over to where everyone was standing.

"What's your name?" one person asked.

"Micah, tell them your name," Brandon Phillips said, the Atlanta Braves' new second baseman who walked in with his son.

"How old are you Micah?"

Micah holds up four fingers.

Micah, you're not 4!" Phillips said.

"Number four is everything," Phillips said later to 11Alive when talking about his 3-year-old son.

Micah was at the Braves spring training game on Thursday against the New York Yankees. He wore his own baseball outfit, proudly displaying his dad's No. 4. It's a requirement for Micah. He's not necessarily as concerned about what color the jersey is, although he does have some questions about why it has changed colors recently.

"He's so used to dad wearing a red jersey all the time. He's like, 'Daddy, you're not on the red team anymore?' It's just little cute things like that," Phillips said.

The Braves signed Phillips, who went to Redan High School in Stone Mountain, Ga., after 11 seasons with the Cincinnati Reds. He was a three-time All-Star and four-time Gold Glove winner with the Reds.

Micah made a lot of friends during his dad's time with the Reds. He especially liked Billy Hamilton and Joey Votto. But now that he is acclimated in the Braves clubhouse, he's become good friends with Matt Kemp, whose locker is just a couple steps away from Phillips'.

Phillips, 35, loves spending time with Micah at Champion Stadium, the Braves spring training home, and is glad he likes hanging out in the clubhouse. He remembers Ken Griffey Jr. having his kids around the ballpark from time to time before Micah was born. Now, he's enjoying being one of the dads in the clubhouse.

"I'm not saying he has to play baseball. But it's just good for him to interact, just interact with some of the guys, work on his social skills because you want kids to be social and see different types of cultures and different kind of people. A lot of people think it's just baseball, but it's more just about life. For him being here and walking around talking to everybody, asking everybody their name, and everybody loves him. He's the hit," Phillips said.

He's a hit, alright. Micah was once shown during a Reds-Dodgers broadcast last season taking batting practice at Dodgers Stadium. Phillips said that was the day that Micah became more famous than him.

That day alone, Phillips said he gained 100,000 Twitter followers thanks to his son showing off his baseball skills. It was during that same series a camera caught Micah blowing his dad a kiss.

"He's got the swag already. You know where he got that from," Phillips said, laughing.

Phillips said he knows Micah isn't fully aware of all the changes going on in his life right now, like moving to Atlanta and his dad being part of a new team. It's something they're both getting used to.

But as long as the number on the back of Phillips' jersey remains the same, everything is alright for Micah.

"As long as I have No. 4, he's happy."

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