It was an interesting night in baseball history.

The Washington Nationals delayed Thursday's game against the Atlanta Braves for three hours, even though little to no rain fell throughout the evening. The night has been named the "No-Rain Delay."

For hours, not a single drop of rain fell. But the Nationals kept the tarp on. Eventually a light rain fell, but not anything delay worthy. Finally the Nationals decided it was time to play, and gave away lots of free concessions and Sponge Bob ice cream cones to annoyed fans. The Braves won the game 5-2.

It was nice and sunny as Friday night's broadcast began for game two of the four-game series. Braves announcers opened up the game with a funny bit about the treacherous weather conditions. Bundled up and hunched under an umbrella, Chip Caray and Joe Simpson discussed how the players could survive in the pseudo-stormy conditions while a crew member threw fake snow at the pair.

"I don't know how the players are going to play in this condition," Caray said.

"You know in Washington, anything can happen and it usually does and they're going to play no matter what," Simpson said.

That goes up there as one of the best starts of a Braves broadcast in recent history.

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