Denver Broncos coach Gary Kubiak remained hospitalized Monday morning but is expected to be released shortly, the team announced.

Kubiak had been taken to the hospital with flu-like symptoms after Sunday's 23-16 loss to the Atlanta Falcons, according to the team. He was diagnosed with "a complex migraine condition that caused extreme fatigue and body weakness," but the Broncos said he was recovering.

Kubiak, 55, suffered a transient ischemic attack — commonly referred to as a "mini-stroke" — while coach of the Houston Texans in 2013. Before winning Super Bowl 50 last season, Kubiak told reporters the incident had changed his outlook on coaching, as he tried to strike a healthier balance between work and personal care afterward.

According to Mike Klis of KUSA in Denver: Kubiak addressed the team at his postgame meeting Sunday in the locker room. He then met with the media.

Less than 30 minutes after Kubiak’s news conference, the situation outside the Broncos’ locker room got chaotic. Security blocked off hallways so that an ambulance could maneuver to near the coaches’ room. The ambulance started to leave out the stadium’s south side players’ entrance with Kubiak’s wife Rhonda sitting in the front seat.

Shortly after the ambulance left, the Kubiak’s three sons – Klint, Klay and Klein – walked out of the locker room and picked up their dad’s truck that was parked inside the stadium tunnel near the locker room, and drove off.

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