ST. LOUIS -- The search is on for the Cardinals' new mascot.

During the team's game against the Kansas City Royals on Wednesday, a stray cat ran out onto the field. Catcher Yadier Molina was up to bat with the bases loaded and trailing by one.

The cat forced Molina to wait for his next pitch while it terrorized the outfielders (Lorenzo Cain looks really intimated as the cat passes by).

A member of the Cardinals grounds crew captured the cat, which has now been dubbed the #RallyCat. That's because on the next pitch, Molina hit a grand slam to put the Cardinals ahead and eventually win the game.

But the cat has since gone missing, and the Cardinals are hoping to find it. A fan reportedly took it from the stadium, claiming it was hers. The fan then lost it minutes after in the Citygarden, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

"We are hopeful someone will find the cat and contact us so we can properly care for it," the Cardinals said in the statement. "Our grounds crew is looking to develop a stray animal protocol to ensure the safety of both the grounds crew and animal should this happen again."

The poor grounds crew guy, who the Post-Dispatch identified as Lucas Hackmann, was bitten several times by the feline while he tried to whisk it away. He took it outside and put it down to get first aid. That's when the fan said it was hers, but now she admits she was just trying to give it a home. The cat jumped out of her arms and ran away.

It hasn't been seen since.

The search is now on for the fierce feline.

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