CLEVELAND -- The Cavaliers avoided being on the wrong end of history. For now.

A quick flurry of shots from Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love in the first quarter followed by an explosive run in the second quarter by the Cavs put them out to a lead the Golden State Warriors couldn't overcome.

The Warriors tried to give themselves an emotional edge, but it backfired and led to more confusing technical fouls and delays in the game than anything. But LeBron James and the Cavs continued to come out firing, and hung on to a 137-116 victory at Quicken Loans Arena for their first win in this year's finals to stay alive.

The Cavaliers scored an NBA record 49 points in the first quarter. Led by Love, the Cavs hit seven threes in the first, and would eventually reach a record 24 three pointers by the end of the game. Irving hit a three to put the nail in the coffin with two minutes to go in the game.

While Love and Irving continued to hit flawless jumpers, James worked in the paint and had some incredible finishes to the basket, including a dunk that looked rehearsed for the dunk content at the All-Star break.

Kevin Durant would take offense and later got in James' face, and both ended up with technicals. Durant got his moments to shoot over James, finishing with 35 points, but it wouldn't be enough.

— NBA SKITS (@NBA_Skits) June 10, 2017

Green was called for a technical in the third quarter while fouling Kevin Love and waiving off the official. It was thought to be his second, but ABC commentators said that there had been a mistake at the scores table, and the first technical foul given to Green was actually for Warriors head coach Steve Kerr when he argued the personal foul on Green in the first half. Green got to stay in the game.

Ref say it’s on Steve Kerr but official scorers marked it as Draymond Green.

— Norah O. AlOmair (@NorahAlOmair) June 10, 2017

Irving couldn't miss, and his maneuvering in the lane, including a crossover on Klay Thompson, left Thompson baffled, putting his hands in the air in wonderment.

Irving finished with 40 points going 15-27 from the field and seven threes.

The Warriors were 15-0 in the postseason up until Friday, a new NBA record and the best postseason record in North American professional sports.

Stephen Curry only made four shots from the field. He finished with 14 points and 10 assists.

They will return to Oakland for Game 5 on Monday, June 12.

Last season, the Cavs came back from down 3-1 to win the NBA Finals. The series is now 3-1. If they were to continue the comeback, they would move towards being the first team to comeback and win a series down 3-0.

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