Chase Elliott always has some nice kicks. But the NASCAR driver's latest pair are "pretty damn cool," as Elliott said.

The driver of the No. 24 Chevrolet will wear shoes honoring his father, Hall of Famer Bill Elliott, and his record breaking speeds he had at Talladega that have never been matched.

The shoes are red, white and gold and have Bill's signature No. 9 on the outsides with the words "World's Fastest Race Car" on the insides. Bill Elliott posted the fasted speed for any NASCAR event at Talladega in 1987 racing at 212.809 miles per hour. The speed was reached prior to the restrictor plate era that has limited speeds.

This weekend is the 30th anniversary of Bill Elliott's record, and now his son, Chase, will race on the track while continuing to search for his first Monster Energy Cup victory.

Elliott told reporters earlier this week he may not have had what it took to race the old No. 9 car.

“It’s 30 years ago this weekend Dad ran 212 here in that old Coors car, which I think is really, really cool,” Chase said to For the Win. “He still has a few of his Coors cars in the shop, and I always think it’s pretty neat to look at them and see how they were built, what they put into them and just how simple everything was.”

Check out the shoes:

30 years ago this weekend the ole 9 ran 212 here at Talladega, these kicks have me fired up! Pretty damn cool.

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