CLARKSTON, Ga. -- For many, travel is often thought of as the journey and the destination.

On Friday, the Clarkston boys soccer team will journey to Macon, Ga. to compete for their first-ever state title against McIntosh high school.

"Everything we do is for tomorrow. Everything we did until now," said right wing Edidiya Wolde.

But for many of the 24 players, their and their families' journeys began much father away.

Clarkston, Ga. and its soccer team are home for many refugees. On the team, there are more than a dozen nationalities represented, but all are united as Angoras -- a team brought together despite the thousands of miles to compete on a the highest level.

"They are my friends. They are like family," Cristian Cuaran said.

But for the team members' families, traveling to support them would have been impossible. If not for donations from the community.

The show of support was overwhelming for head coach Andrew Goodman, who said they now have five buses to help bring people to watch the special moment. And for the team of global athletes, it's one less thing to worry about, making it that much easier to think about their goal.

"We're so thankful for all the donations that we've received this week because that is really going to enable our fans to be there in huge numbers."

For a team of global athletes, it's one less thing to worry about.

"We've played this team already," said midfielder Yasiro Soumaine. "Tomorrow, we're ready to go."

Now, the journey to a state championship is almost complete.

"If we won this game, we would be heroes for Clarkston," said midfielder Michael Debelie.

For the Clarkston boys soccer team, the destination is everything.