It's deer mating season.

Not to insult our Cervidae friends, but they can get a little crazy this time of year.

Usually during mating season, we humans just have to be a little more cautious on the roads because the deer run a little wild. Apparently, we need to be more cautious while out for a run, as well.

Take it from Gwynedd Mercy cross country runner Justin DeLuzio. Poor guy was in the middle of an 8-kilometer race in Center Valley, Penn. when a herd of deer suddenly sprinted across the field, and one plowed right into DeLuzio, sending him up in the air.

"Watch out for the deer!" someone called, but DeLuzio had no time to react.

Luckily, DeLuzio only suffered some bruises, according to Gwynedd Mercy. The team said he was helped up by one of his teammates, and after after he was checked out by the concerned staff, he finished the race in 31 minutes and 16 seconds.

Impressive, all things considered.

No need to tell DeLuzio to buck up. He showed he can take a hit and now probably has the ladies fawn-ing all over him. After all, he's no average John Doe.

Okay, okay, we'll stop. But we just have to say, this guy has the hart of a champion.

Here's the video:

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