HOUSTON -- Deshaun Watson reported to the Houston Texans camp on Thursday and started his NFL career at rookie camp on Saturday.

The quarterback out of Clemson was selected No. 12 overall at last month's NFL Draft. The Texans even traded-up to get a much-needed signal caller after trading away Brock Osweiler who disappointed at the end of last season and lost the job to Tom Savage.

But Watson knows that even after three seasons of starting for the Tigers, he's not going to just walk into the starting role at an organization that has won back-to-back AFC South division titles.

"Each and every day, I go into the day thinking I’m not the starter. I could lose my job," Watson said on Saturday. "So for me that’s natural. I’m a competitor. I’m going to compete each and everyday to get better, and everyone else around me is getting better."

Since Watson arrived in Houston, it's been all about learning the playbook for the Gainesville, Georgia native. Head coach Bill O'Brien, who is more involved in the offense after taking over a share of the play-calling duties last season, said Watson and the rookies are learning the "Basic information section of the playbook," as he called it.

It includes relearning basics like how to huddle, call plays while using the correct terminology and lining up depending on what sideline the team is on.

"It’s like learning Spanish if you don’t know Spanish," Watson said. "You’ve got to flip everything you’ve learned before, turn the page and learn something brand new and make sure you’re on the same page-- not just with the coaches-- but with the teammates."

"It’s just so much information that we throw at these guys, especially the quarterback position, but as long as you keep plowing ahead and taking it one step at a time and you stick with it, you’ll learn," O'Brien said.

Watson is willing to put in the work, and he said he's learning from the veteran quarterbacks like Savage and Brandon Weeden. He's not concerned about any competition, only learning and getting better for now.

He signed his rookie contract on Friday, a four-year, $13.85 million deal, according to reports. He's enjoyed doing things like buying his mother a Jaguar. But now it's time to buckle down.

"Now it’s time for me to go to work and show I deserve it," Watson said.

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