Light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier lost 1.2 pounds in two minutes after he was too heavy at his weigh-in for UFC 210.

Because of a rule that allows championship fighters to leave and return for a second weigh-in, Cormier returned to the scale a couple of minutes later, and magically, he was at 205 pounds.

At first, the weigh-in left many wondering how Cormier lost the weight so quickly. But then Tweets revealed a moment when Cormier pushed down on the towel covering him, which could have been what tipped the scale in his favor.

2) DC pressed down on a tight towel, alleviating 1.2 lbs (0.6%) of force on the scale. Old-school trick...

— Phil Murphy (@Phil_Sports) April 7, 2017

The NYSAC said Comier was not holding the towel, but when the media told him there was proof he was, the spokesman reportedly shrugged.

That's not surprising. Everyone wants the main event between Cormier and Anthony Johnson to go through because all sides want to make money. As long as that scale said 205, no one really cares how it got there.