PORTLAND, Ore. - When it comes to his de-commitment from the Trojans of South California, five-star quarterback Matt Corral admits that the Georgia Bulldogs played an eye-opening role.

“I just figured that when I first took a visit to Georgia, there was a lot out there that I hadn’t seen," Corral said. "Just USC being the only school I visited before I committed, I just felt like I needed to take a step back and see where I really wanted to go. It was just completely different. It’s SEC, and that’s way different from the Pac-12. It’s a whole new environment and atmosphere. At the spring game, there were 67,000 people around you. I’m not just talking about Georgia, though. That’s every SEC school. That’s something, specifically, I want.”

Despite being quite a ways from his home in Long Beach, California, Corral enjoyed his time in Athens so much that playing for the Bulldogs is a definite possibility.

“It was really fun. Jacob [Eason] showed me around Athens. I hung out with him the whole day in his dorm," Corral said. "It was me, him, Isaac Nauta, and Ben Cleveland. I had a good time there. I met Coach [Jim] Chaney, who’s a real good guy, and I got to sit down and talk to Coach [Kirby] Smart. Coach Chaney texts me every day, and Coach Smart is here and there. That’s a place I felt comfortable with me being there and me going to school there.”

Jim Chaney's role is not to be minimized. The offensive coordinator showed Corral how he would fit Georgia's scheme.

“(Chaney and I) sat down and did a little chalkboard talk. We were going back and forth, and it was things I learned at Poly," Corral said. "He knows some of the plays I know because they’re NFL-run plays. It’s the same verbiage as they run. I tell him my concepts, he tells me theirs, and it’s the same exact thing with different names. I think it’s going to be an easy fit for me. I, personally, want to fit in traditionally in their system. I want to be a pro-style quarterback. If they have me run the run-pass options, so be it. If any college wants me to fit, I’m going to work to do that.”

Scheme aside, how would Corral fit into Georgia's crowded quarterback depth chart, where he could become the third straight five-star prospect at the position?

“The way I look at it, it’s hard to start as a true freshman. It’s rare," Corral said. "That’s something I’ve talked to (Long Beach Poly) Coach AP (Antonio Pierce) about. Coach AP says if you want the whole experience and to get better, you’re going to learn from someone and be their successor. I could learn under Jacob Eason and just learn what I should and shouldn’t do and things I need to work on if I do go to Georgia.”

That decision will come soon, as Corral has no designs on taking his recruitment past the summer's end.

“I'll be doing visits in July in the 20s," he said. "I want to make a commitment before football season. I’ll go from Georgia to Florida to Bama, so that’ll be a back-to-back-to-back thing.”