David Barstow likes his new neighbors, but they've been moving in for about four years now. He's ready for them to finish.

Barstow works at an online company in the 1100 Building on Circle 75 Parkway. His company moved into that building five years ago. It was only a year later when the Braves announced they would be moving directly across the street from where he works.

"When it broke that morning and we all came in to work and said, ‘Is this really -- Is it at a joke? Where exactly are they going to put it?' " he said.

They would put it where there used to be a vibrant green space. Barstow told 11Alive he remembers there was a lake, trees, ducks and turtles. He said there would be about 20-30 people out there in the afternoon at lunch time. Soon enough, the lake was drained, the trees were chopped and the demolition began. Barstow remembers the turtles frantically trying to cross the road as the construction began. It was time for them to find a new home.

What began was roughly four years of construction, which included blasting, road closures, and Barstow fighting to find a parking spot with the construction workers who would park in the building's deck. But Barstow made the best of all of it.

Barstow details his experiences in Chapter 4 of 11Alive's feature about the Braves' new stadium The untold stories of SunTrust Park: The people most affected by the Braves move to Cobb County.

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