The GAC Spartans believe that a scoring error in the third quarter of the 3-A girl's state basketball Final Four on Saturday affected the outcome of the game.

Beach defeated the GAC Spartans 56-47 in overtime at Armstrong Atlantic on Saturday, eliminating the Spartans from the playoffs. (Editor's note: In an earlier version of this story, we incorrectly listed the score. We apologize for the error)

GAC head coach Lady Grooms told 11Alive that there was a scoring error in the third quarter, and that it was brought to her attention by her coaches on the bench keeping score.

A YouTube video of the game alleges there was a scoring issue in the third quarter that was not corrected. The video shows Taylor Sutton made two free throws in the third quarter to cut Beach's lead to two.

The broadcast of the game on NFHS showed the score to be 28-26. However a few seconds later, it was changed back to 28-25 without explanation. The video shows Grooms approaching the game officials twice, asking them to check the score. Fans also shouted during a timeout for them to check the score.

"We haven't gotten an explanation from GHSA," Grooms said to 11Alive.

"It was a human error," she said. "The score wasn't added right...they weren't going to change it. [The officials] checked it, and they said it was correct."

The GHSA issued a statement on Monday saying, "According to NFHS rules, GHSA cannot hear appeals of the final score once game officials have signed the scorebook. Currently there is no video review in NFHS sports."

GAC made it to the Final Four after cruising through the earlier games in the state tournament.

"I hate that we're going through this," Grooms said, saying it was difficult to explain what happened to the team afterwards. "I wish it could be rectified."

Grooms said GAC is not asking for a win, but believes that if there were a scoring error, it is only fair to correct the score.

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